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High pressure - compact power pack

Lots of applications require small flow rates with very high hydraulic pressure.The modular installation of our compact power pack is the solution for the simple and easy planning, 3D-modelling and mounting for such systems.The radial piston pump is the solution in order to provide high pressure energy-efficient.The air cooled motors are the solution for a low heating of oil.This installation is the solution to set in IEC motors after customer’s specifications.The pressure parts of the pump and of the intermediate flange are tested within our house with millions of load circles and the solution at constructions with high circle numbers and life expectancy accounts.The option of an integrated low pressure - high pressure connection is the solution for fast idle stroke and high press capacity at low stroke speed.

Manifold for direct control valve NG 6 are the solution for valves after customer’s specification or correspondent on its stocks of inventory.Our integrable filter block within the system is the solution for dirty environments and industrial exposure times or simple clean oil.

Our stock contains pumps from 2 - 7 elements, for Oldham couplings and for drive shaft, too.The 2 different eccentricities are the solution for a flexible selection of pumps.We store intermediate flanges for single pumps and low pressure - high pressure versions for you.There are upright 15 different tanks from stoke for your selection.Furthermore the compact power packs let them combine with the current standard aluminium tanks. Thereby our self-aspirating radial piston pump is the solution for an efficient use of the tank volume because its become fitted outside of the tank.

The High pressure - compact power pack is the basic module for its control valves and hydraulic problem solving.The high pressure - compact power pack can become equipped by us with parallel slide gate valves up to 700 bar or with high pressure poppet valves, check valve etc., too and arrive ready for connection to you. Further options like electrical control of pressure, temperature or oil level are modular integrable. If you need 2 independent delivery rates, please talk with us.

The massive installation is the solution for an acceptable operating noise.

Supply your hydraulic problems to us.

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