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Radial piston pump

Our high pressure - radial piston pumps allow small delivery rates with pressures up to 700 bar. Therefore pumps let realise energy efficient displacements from 0.5 up to 19.9 cc/rev.The model range goes from pumps with 2 piston up to 2-row pumps with maximal 14 piston. The pressure ranges go from 200 up to 550 bar continous pressure and 700 bar peek pressure.The pumps with 6, 10 and 14 elements could become mounted with 2 flows of 2x3, 2x5 or rather 2x7 elements in our house. Thereby are applied the same as also different pressure ranges.Also the models with 1 pressure port per piston are useful. Here pumps with 5 or 7 delivery rates appear with the same or also different flow rates and pressure ranges.

Altogether the 1R-ET and 1R-SM pump with 2,3,5,6,7,10 and 14 poppet become produced.To customise the variability of these programs to its requirements the single-row pump gets offered with an eccentricity from 2,5 and 4 mm. Hence surrender 46 different delivery volumes for the single-row van Dinther radial piston pump with a delivery rate.The pumps with the short stroke allow the customer also to choose a little plenty with one pump with lots of piston and a correspondent low pressure pulsation.Through the reduction of pulsations and the solid installation with a cast iron mounting platesurrender low operating noises.

With the bowl or rather tapered roller baring these pumps are able to start against pressure without problems, too. Therefore the pump can become started when it is needed. An energy consumption within the time between is not possible.

The rollwe bearing allows high pressures at extreme low rotary speed. There is varialbe speed up to max. 1800 rev/min at the good degrees of efficiency of piston pumps. Of course for this reason this pump type also is suited in for our Neo-Wifi integrated frequency inverter, which are a finished workable unity without any further cabling.

Low pressure - high pressure systems could become projected through the combination with external gear pumps and internal gear pumps. During the external gear pump can become mounted to the group 2 + 3 also as primary pump, the internal gear pump is only provided at the secondary terminals at that moment. Multiple radial piston pumps from the single-row models are delivered by our pump building set, too.

Our radial piston pumps are self-aspirating, what makes the installation and start up remarkable easier. Every pump has 2 possible suction connections and 2 pressure connections, what makes the mounting in tight tanks remarkable easier.

As our customer you participate also at this product on our storage and the multifaceted mounting possibilities. The short-term delivery is very often possible. Gladly we outlay these pumps for you, deliver them with pump carriers or as motor pump unit or even just as how you need it.

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