Adjustable vane pump with integrated cooling circuit pump

Including DBV 3 bar setting. Extremely compact design. Continuous cooling oil flow rate for higher cooling performance and smaller units.
Economical and quiet, mechanical pressure control. For machine tools and similar applications.
Drive speedn= rpm
operating pressurep= bar
Typ v p Q P
VCM-SF12A 4CG10 6.7 cm³/U 20 bar 9.42 l/min 0.9 kW
VCM-SF12B 4CG10 6.7 cm³/U 35 bar 9.42 l/min 0.9 kW
VCM-SF12C 4CG10 6.7 cm³/U 55 bar 9.42 l/min 0.9 kW
VCM-SF12D 4CG10 6.7 cm³/U 70 bar 9.42 l/min 0.9 kW