Low-noise controllable axial piston pump for small systems up to 160 bar

axial piston pumps

- For use from 0 to 22/32 l / min
- Max. Pressure is 160 bar
- Very quiet in the operating
- low leakage oil due to axial piston construction
- Low heat load of the system
- Pressure regulator
- Remote controlled pressure regulator
- Pressure / flow control
- exact control characteristics through hydraulically piloted controls
- Axial and radial line connections

Our AR axial piston pump combines the advantages of an axial piston pump in the typical applications of the variable vane pump. However, due to the better efficiency, less heating of the entire system occurs. The special construction of the swash plate bearing leads to an effective reduction of the noise and the vibrations. The noise measurements shown were recorded in a low-noise room. The AR pump has both axial and radial pipe connection options. By default, the radial ports are closed. The pump is tapered with threaded connections BSP, which correspond to common conical pipe threads (for example R 3/4 "). (DIN 2999) With the 2-piece pump housing made of cast iron and aluminum results in a low pump weight of only 9.4 KG
Technical characteristics:

delevry volume : x to y l/min
operating pressure: x bis max. y bar