Settima Screw pumps

The company Settima Meccanica has been producing screw pumps since 1978 and has become one of the leading European manufacturers. It is an independent, medium-sized company that is run in the second generation. An extensive and flexible range of screw pumps is produced. Settima is DIN / ISO 9001 certified and has ATEX certification for the SMT16B types. The SMT16B industrial pump is based in many ways on the mass production of the elevator pump and is a quiet and economical alternative.
The main applications are: power hydraulics, gear lubrication, cooling systems, test bench construction, oil burners, shipbuilding.

SMT configurator

At the top left (on the smartphone below) you can see the currently selected pump type. Below are the links to the individual pages that guide you step by step through the selection of your pump. If you already know which pump you need, you can configure it very quickly using the other menu items.


Der Settima-Code für die aktuelle Auslegung lautet: TB35L

Sie finden den Settima-Code (P/N) auf dem Aufkleber der Pumpe. Haben Sie einen Code und möchten unsere Typenbezeichnung ermitteln? Geben Sie hier den Code ein. Sollte keine Übereinstimmung gefunden werden, wenden Sie sich bitte an unser Team.