Motive electric motors

The Motive motors are manufactured in accordance with international uniformity standards; every dimension, for every design, is calculated from the tables relating to the IEC 72-1 standard.

Motive's asynchronous three-phase motors of the Delphi series are of the closed type with external ventilation. The housing up to and including type 132 is manufactured from die-cast aluminum alloy, from types 160 to 355 from cast iron.

Execution of all engines with:
Multiple voltage
Multi-frequency 50 / 60Hz
Insulation class F, (H on request)
Continuous operation S1,
Degree of protection IP55, (IP56, 66, 67, and 68 on request)
Efficiency class 1 or 2 (CEMEP)
Efficiency class IE2 or IE3 (IEC 60034-30)
tropicalized winding
Suitability for converter supply