Motives electric motors
IE3, premium efficiency class
IE 60034-30

The IE3 motors are identified by the different colors of the cover of the terminal strip and by the nameplate data.
Type Design power tension class
80A-2 B5 kW0,75 289 IE3
80B-2 B5 kW1,1 230/400V IE3
90S-2 B5 kW1,5 230/400V IE3
90L-2 B5 kW2,2 230/400V IE3
112M-2 B5 kW4 230/400V IE3
132SA-2 B5 kW5,5 230/400V IE3
160MA-2 B5 kW11 400/690V IE3
160MB-2 B5 kW15 400/690V IE3
160L-2 B5 kW18,5 400/690V IE3
180M-2 B5 kW22 400/690V IE3
200LA-2 B5 kW30 400/690V IE3
200LB-2 B5 kW37 400/690V IE3
280S-2 B5 kW75 400/690V IE3
280M-2 B5 kW90 400/690V IE3
100L-2 B5 kW3 230/400V IE3
225M-2 B5 kW45 400/690V IE3
250M-2 B5 kW55 400/690V IE3
132SB-2 B5 kW7,5 230/400V IE3