NEO WiFi controller 3 kW

The integrated speed controller is used to save time and costs for the development, installation, cabling, programming and acceptance of the Motor + Inverter system and to eliminate the risks that can be attributed to errors that can occur in the course of these activities.
Nevertheless, the spread of speed controllers before NEO-WiFi was impaired by: the required degree of protection (a motor can also be installed outdoors, whereas this is not possible in the case of an inverter) and the removal of the speed controller and thus its keyboard from the operator's workstation ( think of a fan on the roof).
Motive provides a remedy here in the form of NEO-WiFi, a patented system, easy to use, with IP65, with a removable and wireless remote-capable control element that is powered by induction as soon as it is in its seat on the motor or on rechargeable lithium batteries is positioned. Although NEO-WiFi combines the most advanced performances of traditional inverters, thanks to its innovative solutions, the device is designed as a competitive and intuitive “turnkey” integrated system. All its parts, motor, inverter and control element, are planned for use outdoors and can be remotely controlled as standard. Manufacturers of pumps, fans and other equipment can offer a ready-made “plug-in” product without having to impose risky and expensive installation activities on their customers. Your customers just have to plug in the plug at the installation site and decide whether they want to carry the keyboard with them.