drive selection

Select the option for the drive from the following table. Depending on the pump size, you can choose between a drive shaft for bellhousing attachment and a hollow shaft (AC) for direct attachment to the standard electric motor. For the shaft version there is the option of mechanical seal TM31Z32 (hydraulic oil), TMZ32Y1 (petrol, diesel) and TMK22U31 (cooling lubricant). With the hollow shaft version, you also select the position of the leakage connection.
optionshafts-øshaft lengthflange-ø
-19 mm36 mm150 mm
TM31Z3219 mm36 mm150 mm
AC19B1419 mmHollow shaft120 mm
AC19B519 mmHollow shaft200 mm
AC24B1424 mmHollow shaft140 mm
AC24B524 mmHollow shaft200 mm

The pump is clockwise as standard. Upon special request, the pump can also be produced in a counterclockwise version, but this involves considerable additional costs and a longer delivery time. If you need a left-hand rotating pump, please confirm here:Yes, the pump should rotate counterclockwise.

The following pictures show from the left: AC (up to GR70), Welle, TM.