B: 12-70 bar
C: 20-160 bar
no details: radially open
S: axially open
K: cylindrical shaft with key
G: shaft SAE16 / 32 13T
T: shaft SAE16 / 32 9T
Drive speedn= rpm
operating pressurep= bar
Typ v p max Q P
AR16 15.8 cm³/U 160 bar 22.22 l/min 2.12 kW
AR22 22.2 cm³/U 160 bar 31.22 l/min 2.98 kW


-The pump must be mounted with an elastic coupling. The coupling must not be pulled open by hammering
- The suction line speed should not exceed 1.5 m / sec. The pressure line speed should be 6 m / sec. do not exceed. The connections of the pump do not have to correspond to the permissible line speeds.
- The leak oil line must be laid without pressure in the tank below the oil level without any special flow resistance.
- The pump must be completely filled with oil before start-up. Start-up without filling will damage the pump after a short time!
- With the pump filled, check the direction of rotation of the electric motor by "tapping" the engine.
- The pump run in the correct direction of rotation for some time without pressure until it has completely vented. If the pump has not vented in 1 - 2 minutes, please check connections and direction of rotation again!
- If a set has a normal running noise , the pump can be loaded with pressure.
- The system must be equipped with a pressure limited valve, because the control times of the
Pump control are above the possible pressure peaks.