RX pump elements with integrated suction and pressure valves

You can integrate our interchangeable pump elements into your own design. With your eccentric shaft you determine the stroke up to max. 8mm and depending on the diameter of the same you can arrange more or less elements. The following calculation applies to a flow rate with elements of the same type. But you can also divide elements of different types into any number of flow rates. For an exact determination, add up the data from the individual calculations. Please inquire about pump elements for van Dinther radial piston pumps.

Weight: 0.3kg

Drive speedn= rpm
operating pressurep= bar
Stroke lengthh= mm
Number of elementsanz= piece
Piston type Vg Q (0 bar) p(max) Q P
RX Z 0.23 cm³/U 0.33 l/min 700 bar 0.31 l/min 0.21 kW
RX A 0.4 cm³/U 0.58 l/min 550 bar 0.55 l/min 0.37 kW
RX B 0.63 cm³/U 0.91 l/min 450 bar 0.87 l/min 0.57 kW
RX C 0.9 cm³/U 1.31 l/min 350 bar 1.25 l/min 0.82 kW